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Make the logo bigger

I had the pleasure of working with Renzo Di Renzo in Treviso on several projects. "Make the logo bigger" is the monograph edited by Heads Collective to celebrate his anniversary, distributed by Corraini Edizioni. The volume is also characterized by the particular packaging: cover with Bodonian binding, engraved and screen-printed in four fluorescent colors; inside, colored paper. The book was printed in 1,000 copies, 300 of which have already been distributed by the state.

What I did



Heads Collective




Through its 772 pages, the book collects the best works of the studio of the last 10 years: from campaigns for fashion brands (OVS, Il Gufo, Geox, Vic Matiè), to creative communication for museums, cultural foundations and events (Case Milan museums, Foundation

Claudio Buziol, the Tsar Style exhibition at the Textile Museum in Prato, the I Della Robbia exhibition at the APT in Arezzo and social communication (for example the numerous projects developed for Doctors with Africa CUAMM and the social campaigns for Avis.


Edito da Corraini

At the end of the book, the contributions of friends and clients who recall memories and experiences shared with Heads Collective, through illustrations, photographs, words and music.


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"First heads, then hands"

Heads promoted “Make the logo bigger” both through social networks and with an exclusive event for customers and friends at Palazzo Giacomelli, the prestigious headquarters of Unindustria Treviso, in the heart of the historic city center.

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