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It’s my word with yours

In few other moments in history, the theme of 'language' has been so at the center of the debate and at the same time in line with the themes of politics and the world.

What I did

Art Direction, Adv


Medling Perugia



What will be the interpreters and languages of the future? The answer goes through three forms of experience: speech, writing, technology. The campaign for Medling - PG focuses attention on the "word".

Word is a guide and a digital tool, it is the pillar of our social culture, innovation and future. The claim is easy to understand, distinctive and allows you to play on many evocative and emotional levels.

The message is inspired by the most common language, thus embracing a specific target audience.

Registration campaign

The registration campaign was launched on social media with the stated aim of avoiding a formal and referential tone, typical of university institutions. But, rather, the use of a popular tone and as recognizable as possible.

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